Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bad Things (and good things too)

I've been away for some time, due to various different reasons. I haven't been keeping up with anyone's blogs... Yes I know, I'm a dreadful bloggy friend.
When I returned I discovered I have missed SO much.
Bugsy, I'm so sorry I wasnt there for you. You must think I am dreadful. Know this, I would have been if I could have been. Why is it that bad things always tend to happen to the best people (and usually the ones who least deserve it). Bugs I don't know what to say to you other than I'm here if you need anything... and I'm sorry I wasn't when you did.
Katt, Another case of the worst things happening to the best people. How someone (f%ck$ng @ssholes that they are) could just leave your little man is beyond me. I know how much your furry baby meant to you and all I can say is I am so sorry. I'm thinking of you and adam and the girls.

I moved out of the place in Chelsea Heights and back in with the ex. Yes, that will probably come as a shock to most of you. It was due to a few things...
finances, hanging around with the wrong crowd, needing to get my shit together and basically realising that it's not so easy to just walk away from almost 10 years.
Things are okay here... fingers crossed they stay that way.
More tomorrow nows not really the time to share my happy news and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT LOL!
will close by saying it's great but weird to be back :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peace and Quiet

That's what I have had since Thursday. No horrible text messages from the ex, no phone calls, no excuses to pop in, no bullshit phone calls saying he's going to give me money and then doesn't. It has been pure utter bliss. That's the only way I can think of to describe it.
Leonie baby, I sooo miss our chats too but have been soooo busy lately, with work, the kids, Steve etc. I just haven't seemed to find the time to call but you know we all love ya still. I know it's a terrible excuse but a real one.
Now as for the Steve thing, things couldn't be better. Friday afternoon stupid me went to pick the kids up from school and forgot to take my house keys with me so as a result we found ourselves locked out in the pouring rain (fun!). I popped next door to Vee's to use their phone and who did I call? My "knight in shining armour" of course.
He managed to squeeze through Christie's bedroom window and fix Christie's bedroom door handle (which had been broken for a few days and I hadn't gotten around to calling the real estate agent) and unlock the front door for us.
He went home, changed and then came back. Brought me udls (and woodstocks) bought us pizza for dinner (and cigarettes for me) and we settled in for a comfie night in. Although there was one drawback, he had to work Saturday so left at 10 pm.... no mattress dancing for me (kids were still up watching a movie).
When I spoke to him tonight I told him I had had the nicest weekend, just pottering around at home (knitting) watching dvds, and destressing as a result of the last week. We've organised dinner for tomorrow night (gotta catch up on my quality time *grin*) and I'm going to attempt to make beef and guiness stew. I say attempt rather than make because I've never made it before.
Knitting news: This weekend I plowed through a few UFO's Christie's pink socks are now finished and she is at this moment wearing them and keeping her toes toasty.I started a pair of socks for me in Zhivago (an aqua'y sort of colour) and have finished one and almost a half. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll have some piccies for you. Steve has agreed to pose for a snapshot (well he will have by the time I have finished talking him into it)
All in all, life's pretty good at the moment.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blah bit-tee Blah

Just a quick blog to let you all know that I am okay. Having huge problems with the ASSHOLE ex at the moment. I found out the last time he was at my house he freakin! well read my diary!! And then had the nerve to question me about things I had written in there!!!!! Things with Steve are still going smoothly. 5 weeks this Friday (must be some kind of record somewhere lol) I've been knitting quite a bit and picked up the latest Creative Knitting mag yesterday (we sold out at work) and plan to make the fitted cardi for me whenever i can find the time. Dinner with my sis and her other half and Steve Saturday night.... reeks of almost meet the parents to me lol

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finally some knitting news

I bet you were all dying to hear that. I'm currently working on a felted satchel type bag made according to my own pattern. Which I haven't properly written yet. I'm sort of just winging it as I go along. If it turns out okay then the Boss is planning on having me make them for the shop. I'm also working on a surprise itty bitty gift for a certain someone who we all know and love. Sorry I haven't commented or emailed darling but know you are in my thoughts and I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster your way. Also working on a knitted bear from "panda lashes" (that horrible patons feather yarn knock off). We just got in kits at work that come with all the hideous yarn and pattern so am knitting one for display. As I was knitting away last night I had a few thoughts coming into my head... when I first started this blog all I was knitting were cushions and scarves UGH then we progressed to hats and then the baby cardigan disaster courtesy of several scotch and cokes or was it vodka udls? I can't quite remember... now it's socks, dog jumpers, shawls and a bag that I actually am writing the pattern for! How far I've come in a relatively short time. Off to knit a bit and hopefully get the body of the bag done by morning. Piccies next entry am still yet to find the usb cord for my recently found long lost digi... ah but that's a story for another day.
PS. Steve scored more brownie points last night by turning up to dinner at my place with guava cruisers for me and a pressie for the munchkins.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

S is for .....

STUPID : re. Shell in regard to Simon. I should have realised we were never meant to be anything more than friends

SIMON: the guy you have all come to know and hate thru my posts, the one who let Shell down one too many times...

SHELL: who on Simon's birthday (June 9) ditched the bday plans and went out with the "gals" and met....

STEVE: a blonde haired blue eyed handsome hottie who told Shell she was "ravishing" (that sooooo earned him brownie points) and asked for her number.

SILLY: which is what Shell was when she thought Steve wouldn't call

SATURDAY: which was Shell and Steve's first "date". He was a total gentleman, opened car door, pulled chair out for me, bought me dinner and several alcoholic bevvies and wouldnt hear of me paying and at the end of a fabulous night walked me to the door and actually asked if he could kiss me!

SNUGGLES: Let's just say we're doing lots of that *huge wink*

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's a Gal To Do?

When the man she's lusting after is remaning aloof? We're back to me being miserable and him just not getting it. After Saturday night I thought, "FINALLY!" but I guess we just aren't meant to be. Have been brushed off for the next two weekends, never mind the fact that next Friday is his birthday. I guess I'm just not good enough to be seen out in public with, never mind he wanted to ring his mates on Saturday night and drag them down to the pub so that next time they went out I could come too because they'd all know me. WTF am I supposed to think? If he wasn't so gorgeous and when we see each other if we didn't get along so well I would have f#$@&d him off ages ago. Excuse me while I go and crawl back in my hole.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Can I buy you a drink Babe?"

That, coming from a fat, balding, 50ish something man when sex on legs has disappeared to the bathroom aint' exactly a turn on (if you catch my drift?). Saturday night went off with a bang (several to be exact :P) Apologies go out to the following people: Anne-Marie; for being the most awake recepient of a transcontinental drunken phone call ever. Thanks for being such a good sport hon, and doesn't he just sound SCRUMMY? Nette; for putting up with drunken text messages most of the night such as : "I have the hugest kmdno'ckfrs etqua plz typt him that plz" and "Virgin pfftt. I gonna go tale him gome show himwhat0i can dn. Wish me lvck. im spaz hd keeps Buoin me drinks" I knew we stayed mates for a reason... how many people would put up with that and still be talking to you in the morning?
And last but not least; Jofess (my little sis) apologies for the 10 plus missed calls between the two of us in synch (one dialling home one dialling mobile) to try and drag you and Joel out to the pub.
The band was great (when I had a few under my belt) The company was awesome, the case of the mistaken ass grab will be one to tell the grandkids.... I must elaborate on that I suppose gotta keep the readers happy : Finally worked up the courage to make my move, so to speak so decide I would grab sex on legs' ass when he returned from the bathroom... in my drunken haze grabbed a handful of what I assumed to be the Man's ass which actually turned out to be the security guards LOL. Explaining away the red face was just too difficult when my man returned so I just spit it out. The JD and coke that went everywhere said it all.
Knitting waffle next time promise....
Spose I should change my profile to TAKEN now YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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